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The incidents below illustrate some of the possible results of insufficient checks on access lifting equipment.

This machine does not meet the requirements of a LOLER certificate due to the condition of the top control box.

All the decals for the functions are completely illegible with paint damage. An unfamiliar operator could operate the wrong function causing serious injury to themselves or damage property.

The emergency stop should be easily visible and a red colour (bottom left) for instant disabling of all functions in an emergency.

This scissor lift has a broken scissor pin boss (centre). This has been caused by the scissor pack pin seizing in the boss over a period of time.

Gradually the weld has separated from the scissor arm and the pin now moves with the boss attached.

Routine maintenance and LOLER inspections would have picked up a fault like this before the weld had completely failed.

This accident happened in the Middle East, possibly caused by slew ring or slew ring bolt.